Send In Your Own Sneakers For Customization

Send in your own sneakers to Bandana Fever for customization, we’ll add your desired design, and return them back to you.

Why would I send in my own sneakers for you to customize?

We purchase sneakers at retailers and we may not always be able to find the size and style you need.

Manufacturers, like Nike, may stop offering certain styles. Nike often changes releases and colors. Some styles and colors never return for sale so you’re stuck with trying to find the sneakers you want from resellers, dead-stock suppliers, or private individuals.

You already own your shoes but want to have them customized.

You can send in shoes not currently offered on our website. We have not customized such as other brands like top brand sneakers like Reebok, PUMA, FILA, New Balance, etc.

You may have a style of shoe we have not offered before. We can customize skates, ballerina shoes, boots, slides, work shoes, and more.

What sneaker brands do you offer now that I can purchase and send to you for customization?

Nike Cortez Shoes

Nike Cortez sneakers specifically have to be mailed to us for customization because we cannot find retro styles at reasonable prices or in the popular colors. Nike seems to only supply leather styles and some new nylon styles few times of the year and at limited releases (low volumes and gone once they’re sold out.

What type of customization do you offer for sneakers or other shoes?

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