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Customized Black Panther Nike Roshe Sneakers, Men's, Black

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Authentic Nike Roshe Run sneakers featuring the Black Panther logos print design.
Request a Custom Order and have something made just for you.


  • ships in 3 weeks - free

  • ships in 10 days - $45

  • ships in 5 days -  $65



  • Black
  • Mesh
  • Detailed Handmade Design
  • Men
  • Nike Roshe One
  • Backed by our Design Durability Guarantee


Wakanda's most powerful warrior fights to protect his people. He'll watch your back in Foundmi form, making sure your stuff is as safe as the Vibranium he protects in his homeland.The graphics are vivid and bound to garner lots of attention. Take your superhero spirit to the next level with the Black Panther shoes. Wakanda Forever!


What does inner + outer mean?

The outer sides are the left side of the left shoe and the right side of the right shoe.

Outer + Inner means both sides of both shoes will have customization.

 ** Women will receive the Nike Roshe with metallic silver swoosh**

Your design requests for custom shoes made by Bandana Fever.

If you have an idea not already displayed on our site or you want an alternative similar to what you see, you can request a design from us.
We're able to do most any logo for teams, companies, parties, clubs, groups, sororities, fraternities, events, etc.

We only do printed vinyl designs. We don't paint or airbrush.

Old designs are not available on the site for a reason. The shoe is most likely discontinued and out of production from Nike INC.

We can't guarantee we can or will honor your request, but we can give you an assessment.

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