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Customized Bandana Hello Kitty Nike Sneakers, Unisex, Black

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Authentic Nike Cortez sneakers featuring the Hello Kitty logos print design and a fuchsia bandana design.

Request a Custom Order and have something made just for you.


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  • Black
  • Nylon
  • Detailed Handmade Design
  • Men/Women
  • Backed by our Design Durability Guarantee



We used Nike Cortez Nylon sneakers as a base for our "Hello Kitty Bandana Print" custom. The design covers most of the Nike swoosh and backs of the shoes. We've taken the classic pattern and introduced it to modern brand shoes. They look great and really make you look twice with our attention to details. If you don't get compliments on this shoe, you're going to the wrong places!


What does inner + outer mean?

The outer sides are the left side of the left shoe and the right side of the right shoe.

Outer + Inner means both sides of both shoes will have customization.

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