Custom Chiefs Nike Roshe Run Shoes Black, #Chiefs, #gochiefs, #kcchiefs, #ChiefsFam by Bandana Fever

Custom Chiefs Nike Roshe Run Shoes Black, #Chiefs, #gochiefs, #kcchiefs, #ChiefsFam by Bandana Fever

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Custom Chiefs Nike Roshe Run Shoes Black, FREE SHIPPING, #Chiefs, #gochiefs, #KansasCity, #kcchiefs, #ChiefsKingdom, #ChiefsFam, #sports, #football, #nikeair, #nikeshoes, #Nike #running, #love, #swag, Custom Nike #Shoes, by Bandana Fever


Nike Air Max sneakers customized with a logo vinyl graphic on outer swoosh. Sneakers are personalized with a vinyl design, not glued, drawn, or painted. Shoes included. Not sold in stores.


We take care to apply the design around the designated areas and apply a lot of pressure to ensure material is secure. It is waterproof and does not fade.


Just choose your size and place the item in the cart.



What does inner + outer mean?

A. The outer sides are the left side of the left shoe and the right side of the right shoe.

Outer + Inner means both sides of both shoes will have customization.

How long before items ship?

A. Up to 3 weeks. Delivery is an extra 1-5 business days in the US.


Try not to expose the shoes to extreme weather and do not machine wash the shoes. Gently wipe with a soft cloth. Use warm water and mild soap.


We appreciate every purchase and hope you tell friends and family about us. We look forward to pleasing and astounding you with our craftsmanship. Your satisfaction and loyalty is extremely important to us. 


If you'd like a design other than what is shown or a larger size, contact us for a custom order.


We're on social media as @BandanaFever. Follow us!

Submitted user design requests for custom shoes and apparel.

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