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About Us

About Us

Since 2003

Bandana Fever originated, and began design and printing services, in 2003 using paint, bandana scarves, and designer fabrics.

Since then, Bandana Fever has been customizing Nike and Converse sneaker designs for over 15 years for celebrities, companies, and customers alike. Brand sneakers have always been the focal point of the design process, while adding complimentary clothing and accessories to the fold as time passed.

Bandana Fever is constantly updating the collection of shoes and clothing offered for customization. Customers are encouraged to submit requests for designs. Labels, logos, patterns, photos, etc are printed on sneakers, clothing, cell phone cases, backpacks, etc. We use different printing methods to be able to customize as many types of items as possible.

Most of the items displayed were requested by a customer or Bandana Fever Artists have imagined artwork on sneakers or accessories to inspire similar design requests. Bandana Fever primarily uses brand name designer products due to their high level of quality and endurance. The printing process is crafted to last as long as the life of the shoes. This guarantee holds for all sneaker designs.

Bandana Fever is not a retailer. Sneakers and clothing are not sold. Design requests usually include the shoes or clothing requested. Every item is customized once an order is placed and may take up to 4 weeks to produce. Nothing is held in inventory. Shoes or clothing needed are purchased at the time an order is placed as a courtesy. Customers may also send in their own items for customization.

Bandana Fever About Us

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